You can adopt a female ginger cat in South Australia from Animal Welfare League South Australia, winner of the Volunteer of the Year award in the Jetpets Companion Animal Rescue Awards 2018.

This is Meggs!  You can meet her at AWL – Edinburgh North Shelter, mention AWL ID AX858.  

Meggs is a medium-size cat that weighs less than 5 kgs.  She’s an average cat who requires a combination of people interaction and alone time.

She has a short coat that requires little maintenance to keep looking lovely. Just a brush occasionally should be enough for her.

Meggs has a history of living well with other cats, should adjust to living with another cat quite easily.

She has shown to have a personality that should cope with living with other animals as long as we are appropriately introduced.

She is a little bit unsure about being around children, given time and positive interactions she should be able to adjust to living with a family.

Meggs is a sweet cat who’s looking for a loving home to spend my life in. She may look a little shy, but give me time and patience and she’ll be your best friend!

If you would like to adopt a female ginger cat in South Australia and meet Meggs, contact AWL SA and quote ID AX858.

Meggs’ details

Adoption price $50.00
Age 5 years 8 months
Coat Short Coat
Size Medium (less than 5kgs)
Lifestyle People Lover

Every animal available for adoption from the AWL is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, flea and worm treated, behaviourally assessed and health checked.

Before you get a cat, a few things to consider.