As we gear up for another busy and exciting year ahead, we take a ‘paws’ to look back and gather together the most popular cat topics in 2016. 

Here are our 5 most popular cat topics in 2016 

  1. Do indoor cats need vaccination?

We put this question to Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall, The Chatswood Cat Palace.  Dr Kim explains her views on indoor cats and vaccination protocols. More.

  1. Recommended cat food products

In 2016, CHOICE released the results from their wet cat food nutrient test and found snappy cat food claims and premium prices don’t always equal nutritional goodness. Pets4Life compiled a list of 26 products recommended by CHOICE for you. More

  1. Dr Tara Cashman explains about dental disease in cats and dogs podcast

Dr Tara talks about the causes of cat and dog dental disease, signs to look out for, what you can do at home and the gold standard of pet dental care. More

  1. Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall talks about arthritis in cats

Arthritis in cats is a very real problem for our feline friends. 30% of cats have arthritis by the age of three years old and 90% of cats by 12 years old! Find out what you can do for your cat. More

  1. Tips for apartment living with cats

Lyndall Jones knows about apartment living with cats.  She lives in rental accommodation in Sydney with her two 8-year-old Burmese cats Darcy and Bailey. Lyndall has 9 great tips for cat owners who live in rental apartment accommodation with a cat. More

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