So, you’ve done the research and decided on a dog breed suitable for your family. The next step is to find a good dog breeder. Good breeders will give you a happy and healthy puppy that is well socialised with other animals, people and household items.

Being a ‘registered breeder’ doesn’t necessarily mean they are a good, ethical breeder. You’ll have to ask the right questions to determine if the breeder is good or not. Here are 10 questions to ask the breeder before you say ‘yes’ to a cute puppy.

10 questions to ask a dog breeder

  1. Can I visit your premises to see the breeding environment and where the puppies are housed? (Unethical breeders will discourage you to inspect where they house their animals).
  2. What is the temperament of the puppy and the puppy’s parents?
  3. How has the puppy been socialised with adults, children and other animals in a home environment?
  4. What sort of handling has the puppy been used to?
  5. Who do you mainly breed for, people who want a show dog or families who want a pet? (You need to look for a breeder with the same purpose as you).
  6. What have you done to minimise the risk of potential known genetic disorders?
  7. Has the puppy been health checked by a veterinarian, vaccinated and treated for worms and eas? Is there documentation to confirm this? (Talk to your local vet to check that the certi cates they have given you is correct).
  8. Has the pup been microchipped?
  9. What on-going support and information after purchase do you provide?
  10. Do you have references?


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