Peta Clarke introduces The K9 Scent Scrambler for dogs

Luka demonstrates The K9 Scent Scrambler for dogs. Photo by Pinnicle Photography

In this podcast, celebrity animal trainer Peta Clarke introduces a fun, new sport called The K9 Scent Scrambler for dogs.

It’s a whole new ball game!  The K9 Scent Scrambler™ for dogs involves diving through or into balls of various heights to locate and retrieve a specific item, sending balls flying!

The K9 Scent Scrambler™ is offered by Scents-Ability™ and is the brainchild of Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) Marion Brand, renown animal trainer Peta Clarke and professional detector dog trainer Trinny Teigan – all instructors of K9 Nose Work®, a fun search and alerting sport for all dogs and owners.

Having 20 plus years’ experience training animals for TV, movie and stage, including Babe: Pig in the City, Legally Blonde the Musical and Wolverine, Peta Clarke loves what this new sport can do for dogs! ‘Scrambling’ is designed to have similar therapeutic values to K9 Nose Work®, with the added value of helping with sensory integration, touch therapy and motor skills, she explained.

More about K9 Scent Scrambler™ Classes and Competitions

At competition level, the K9 Scent Scrambler™ will be a timed event, with dogs having a certain amount of time to locate and retrieve a specific item.  Whilst at the beginner levels the dogs will hunt for their favourite toy in the Scrambler, in higher levels dogs will be required to hunt for a conditioned odour contained within one ball. Dogs will have the opportunity to dive through balls at various heights dictated by their height at the withers. Once a dog has passed all levels in their height class, they will be eligible to enter the Master Scrambler, which will see even the greatest of Great Danes submerged!

“While every dog may not win ribbons, no dog will ever leave the K9 Scent Scrambler™ without being successful,” said Ms Brand.

K9 Scent Scrambler™ classes and workshops will initially be held in the Castle Hill area in Sydney and can be booked via For more information, email [email protected]

Listen to the podcast below

Peta Clarke introduces The K9 Scent Scrambler for dogs
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