Dr Tara Cashman explains cat and dog dental disease

Dr Tara Cashman explains cat and dog dental disease. Photo: Erik Jan Leusink/Unsplash.

Dental disease is commonly diagnosed in Australian pets and if left untreated, it can lead to serious health concerns including infection of the liver, kidney and heart. 

Dr Tara Cashman, spokesperson for the Australian Veterinary Assocation’s Australian Veterinary Dental Society is our special guest on the Pets4Life podcast this week.  Dr Tara talks about the causes of cat and dog dental disease, signs to look out for, what you can do at home and the gold standard of pet dental care.

Dr Tara says don’t wait until your pet is old or develops a problem before you go to your veterinarian. A yearly thorough dental examination plays an important role in a pet’s preventive dental care routine and help to identify any emerging issues.

In this podcast, Dr Tara explains cat and dog dental disease including:

  • The causes of dental disease
  • The cat and dog breeds that are more likely to get dental disease
  • What is the difference between normal breath and bad breath in pets
  • Other signs of dental disease you need to look out for
  • The ways you can help prevent dental disease in your pet at home and what not to do (no more chewing on tennis balls!)
  • Why your pet must have a general anaesthetic
  • How often you should brush your pet’s teeth

More about Dr Tara Cashman

Dr Tara Cashman explains cat and dog dental disease

Dr Tara Cashman explains cat and dog dental disease

Dr Tara currently works in private practice at Eurocoast Veterinary Care in Batemans Bay, New South Wales. She also works one extra day for the Australian Veterinary Association as the NSW Division Branch Liaison Officer assisting branches in providing local continuing professional development and social networks.

As part of the Australian Veterinary Association’s Pet Dental Health Month in August, pet owners are being urged to speak to their vet about preventive dental care and thorough yearly dental examinations. More about Pet Dental Health Month.  Dr Tara and her team at Eurocoast Veterinary Care are providing a Free Dental Health check this Pet Dental Health Month to make sure your dog or cat has that winning smile.

Listen now to the podcast about cat and dog dental disease

Dr Tara Cashman explains cat and dog dental disease
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