Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall explains arthritis in cats

Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall explains arthritis in cats podcast. Photo: Sabri Tuzcu/Unsplash

Does your cat struggle to jump onto the window sill? Does she get grumpy particularly in cooler weather?  Your cat could be suffering from arthritis.

Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall, The Chatswood Cat Palace explains the signs and treatment of arthritis in cats in this short Pets4Life cats’ podcast. Dr Kim says in her blog, Feline Arthritis, our feline friends are renowned for their agility, litheness and jumping ability.  However, 30% of cats have arthritis by the age of three years old and 90% of cats by 12 years old!

Arthritis in cats is a very real problem for our feline friends. Dr Kim says the signs of arthritis in cats are very subtle, so recognising your cat’s condition is key.  This short podcast below is a must for all cat owners!

Dr Kim explains arthritis in cats including:

  • What causes arthritis
  • The subtle signs to look out for
  • What you can do to help your cat to spring back to her normal, happy self.

More about Dr Kim Kendall

Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall explains arthritis in cats

Cat Vet Kim Kendall. Photo: supplied

Dr Kim Kendall is a world expert in feline-friendly care, one of only two cat-only vets in Sydney and the only cat vet in Australia qualified in cat behaviour. As well as providing exceptional medical, dental and behavioural services, Dr Kim oversees all grooming and boarding services with her expert eye and provides routine health checks.

Dr Kim continues with the calm pursuit of excellence in Feline Medicine and Feline Health, both mental and physical! She is mindful that we humans have changed cats’ environment so much – from solo desert-dwelling rodent hunter to City Gods and Goddesses.

Dr Kim also delivers regular ‘cat only’ seminars and webinars and has been presenting seminar papers at the prestigious Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists on feline behaviour and medicine topics for a few years now, as well as presenting papers at the International Veterinary Behaviour Meetings.

Listen now to Dr Kim Kendall explains arthritis in cats


Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall explains arthritis in cats
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