Pets4Life is an independent community service.  Our goal is to reduce cat and dog surrender and improve pet well-being in Australia.

Thank you to the media who have supported Pets4Life’s key messages.

Pets4Life in the media: print 

Pets4Life in the media

Better Homes & Gardens January 2018 edition.



Article in Southern Highlands News October 15 on Pets4Life

Cathy Beer holding Benny

Southern Highland News 2015

Southern Highland News Lifestyle October 2015


Cathy Beer holding Toby article in North Shore Times

North Shore Times Launch of Pets4Life December 2013







Pets4Life in the media: radio/podcast

May 2016 – VetTalk interviews Cathy Beer about Pets4Life and the eGuide: Before you get a dog, 8 essential tips to get it right. In this podcast, Cathy shares a heartbreaking story about a Sydney family’s experience of bringing home a puppy.

11 December 2015 – Cathy Beer chats with ‘Mornings with Chris’ on Liverpool community radio 89.3 about the Pets4Life eGuide: Before you get a dog – 8 essential tips to get it right

14 December 2014 – Cathy Beer chats with Murray and LJ on 4BC Brisbane weekend breakfast – risks of online pet shopping.

21 December 2013 – Cathy Beer chats with Chris Bombolas, 4BC (Brisbane radio) – what to think about before getting a pet for Christmas, and a few tips to keep your pet happy over the festive season.

Chris Bombolas interview

Pets4Life in the media: online 

Pets4Life in social media

School Mum Facebook post about

School Mum post on Pets4Life’s eGuide: Before you get a dog – 8 essential tips to get it right

Mammamia Facebook post - Thinking of getting a pet for Christmas?

Mammamia Facebook post on Monday 9 December 2013 – Thinking about getting a pet for Christmas?