kim at clinicMove over dog lovers, it is all about the feline species for Dr Kim.

Dr Kim graduated as a vet scientist from Sydney University last century. She travelled the world for many years until a passion for cat medicine took hold. After further studies in Cat Medicine, Kim established the East Chatswood Cat Clinic on Sydney’s North Shore in 1994.  Now known as Dr Kim Kendall Cat Vet, her busy clinic treats around 30 cats every week.

To understand better about changes in cat behaviour, Kim undertook further study and gained Membership in Animal Behaviour in the ANZCVSc in 2004.  She has since discovered that cats understand us better than we do them.

Kim is very proud of creating the prototype Cat Adoption Centre which is now in 100 other veterinary clinics.   The Cat Adoption Centre has since found homes for 5000 cats!

Kim continues with the calm pursuit of excellence in Feline Medicine and Feline Health – mental and physical. She is mindful that we humans have changed the cats’ environment, so Kim is working hard to improve the integration of cats into urban society. Kim is a voluntary member of Willoughby Council’s Companion Animals Committee where she provides advice to the community about cat ownership and how to protect the native wildlife.

Kim says that her husband and their recycled cat called ‘More’ have to put up with a lot of nonsense sometimes, but from chaos come order.