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In this section:

  • How to care for dogs
  • Pet safety
  • Disaster preparation tips for pets

The more time and effort we spend on our furry members of the family, the stronger the bond and a happier doggie.  Here are a few sites to help you learn how to care for your doggie and fulfil its welfare needs.

How to care for dogs

Pet safety 

  • Pet safety guide includes common household dangers, food safety and how to pet proof your home.
  • RSPCA Victoria has information on how to deal with common emergency situations: wounds, poisoning, bites, burns and seizures.

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Disaster Preparation Tips for Pets

Be prepared!  International Fund Animal Welfare (IFAW)  works with local communities to help them better prepare for future disasters. IFAW says to pack a pet survival kit, ensure  your pet has proper identification and always take your pet with you during an evacuation.