Benefits to crate train your puppy

A crate should be a fun, safe place for your pup. Photo:

There are many benefits to crate train your puppy!

If you have a new puppy or adult rescue dog, a crate is a great way of teaching your pup the boundaries of the house and keeping him safe. A crated puppy cannot rip up the furniture, steal the roast off the bench or trip up the kids.  The puppy has a safe, happy place to escape from the kids and other pets too.

What is crate training?

Crate training is the process of getting your puppy to accept a crate as a fun and safe space.

Puppies quickly learn to love their crate as their own special place/den and will be comfortable in a crate whether at home, travelling, visiting friends or staying in a hotel.

Find out how to crate train your puppy in 7 easy steps!

11 reasons to crate train your puppy

  1. Crate training using positive reinforcement methods is not cruel
  2. A crate can help your puppy feel secure and less anxious in his own safe space. For puppies, overseeing a big house when no one is with them can be overwhelming.
  3. Provides your puppy with the opportunity to be part of the group, without interacting with the people present,
  4. Can be useful in keeping toddlers and your pup separate, when you’re busy and cannot supervise interaction between your child and the puppy.
  5. Any dog which needs to be admitted to a veterinary clinic will be kept in a small pen – dogs which are crate trained should adapt much better to this and feel less stressed
  6. Can aid in management during recovery from medical procedures, for example, keeping dogs quiet and restricting movement after joint surgery
  7. When used appropriately, crates can help with toilet training – a pup confined in a crate and taken out regularly will have few ‘accident’ than one given a free run of the house. You need to give a pup an opportunity to eliminate every hour and then give him lots of praise when he does. He quickly learns that he gets rewarded for going outside!
  8. The crate becomes the security blanket when a pup is taken somewhere new. Your pup will settle much quicker in their crate with a few favourite toys, chew items and snacks
  9. During car travel, they will be much less stressed by the journey if they travel in their familiar crate – and keep your car safe from puppy teeth!
  10. Holidaying with your puppy will be easy. A lot of accommodation will allow puppies and dogs to stay if they are confined to a crate
  11. Airlines require that all puppies and dogs are confined to a crate, so your pup will be less stressed if he is used to being in a crate


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