How to introduce a cat or kitten to your dog

How to introduce a cat or kitten to your dog


Episode two: how to introduce a cat or kitten to your dog

Welcome to episode two of our Paw Perfect Introduction podcast series. This eight-minute episode is all about how to successfully introduce a new cat or kitten to your dog.

Bringing home a cat or kitten can be very exciting but the fun and excitement can quickly turn to frustration and stress if your dog is barking aggressively or behaving boisterously towards the feline interloper.

Animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti simply explains step by step how you can make a ‘paw perfect’ introduction between a new cat or kitten to your dog. Listen to the podcast or download the transcription.

How to introduce a cat or kitten to your dog podcast key points

  • Supervise every part of the introductions
  • Before you bring a cat home, play recordings of cat noises and see how your dog reacts
  • Let your dog observe the cat under your supervision, reward your dog for calm behaviour with treats and pats
  • Cats need vertical space to escape the dog and feel safe

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