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Pam Drewe and her adopted dogs Minnie and Reg

Pam Drewe lives in the Southern Highlands in NSW with her two adopted dogs Minnie and Reg.  Pam has rescued and adopted dogs all her life.  In total, she has had 10 dogs but only two to three at a time.  Minnie started life in a suitcase abandoned by the side of the road and Reg found himself at the local animal shelter.  Their story has a happy ending living a good life with Pam, their favourite human.

Pets4Life chats with Pam Drewe about her adopted dogs and how they came into her life.

Pets4Life: Have you always adopted dogs? 

Pam: I have always adopted strays and ‘lostlings’, from car parks, under bridges, tied to picnic tables, some my children brought home, others found me. Rescued from cruelty, abandonment, starving and unloved. 10 so far, I usually have 2 to 3 at a time. They all have a right to be loved and cared for. They ask for nothing just a full tummy, kept healthy, a warm bed and lots of cuddles.

Pets4Life: Minnie and Reg are part of your family now, what are they like?

Pam: Minnie is a Pomeranian, Jack Russell cross. She has Cushing disease and pancreatitis. Independent, aloof and used to be a ‘ball’ addict. A bit old now at 13 years for ‘ball’ but still loves her fluffy squeaky toys. Reg is a snuggle bunny, he sulks a bit, is grumpy but loves hunting, especially rats and rabbits. They both take up all my bed at night, but I love their warm furry little selves snuggling up to me. Minnie on the left and Reg on the right.

Pets4Life: How did Minnie come into your life?

Pam: I found Minnie in a suitcase with her two brothers on the side of the road. I thought it odd the suitcase was there as it hadn’t been there on my way to work. They were only 3 to 4 weeks old. Tiny and starving. I took them to the vet who just said do you want one so I took Minnie. I already had 2 dogs and she had short hair (tick country) and my ‘unwell’ Staffy Sarah took a shine to her.

Pets4Life: What made you choose Reg? 

Pam: Reg, a fox terrier, sort of chose me.  8 years ago I was driving past the Wingecarribee shire council animal shelter and felt an overwhelming need to go into the pound. So, in I went. I looked and looked but no dog was calling to me. I already had 3 dogs. I was just leaving and asked the attendant what was down in the last cage, ‘more dogs’ was the reply.  There was a little nose and paw showing through the wire. My Reggie! Abandoned in Belangalo forest. It was Love at first sight.

Reg and Minnie get on well, they don’t play together, but we play together.  I think Minnie still grieves for Sarah (her adopted puppy mum). I paid money for Reg but all the others were free from the Lord, entrusted to my care for all of their lives, sick, well, hungry, sad or happy. I have loved them all and I only hope they have been happy with me and that I have done my best for these few puppies. They have helped me through my sad times as well.