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Weight loss tips for obese cats

Diabetes in cats is just one of many serious health issues your cat may experience from being overweight.  International Cat Care share their weight loss tips for obese cats.

◆ Have your cat’s weight checked regularly at a pet slimmers’ clinic or by a veterinary nurse. Regular contact with the pet slimmers’ nurse can dramatically help with your pet’s weight loss. Feeding quantities may need adjusting in order to find the correct amount for your pet.

Weight loss tips for obese cats from ICC.

Weight loss tips for obese cats from ICC. Photo: Jacalyn Beales/unsplash

◆ Weigh out the daily food allowance in the morning, and place it in a container to divide between the allocated meals. This way you are less likely to overfeed your cat. You can take out a few kibbles to give as treats throughout the day.

◆ It is important that no ‘extras’ are added to your cat’s daily allocated allowance. This includes milk and cat milk.

◆ Increase your cat’s exercise levels gently in collaboration with the pet slimmers’ nurse, who can help to design an exercise programme. Cats can exercise by use of toys, light torches, etc. Remember, ‘little and often’ is generally more beneficial for weight loss.

◆ Place the food in different areas or hide kibbles around the house/room to encourage your cat to exercise more. A food ball or ‘puzzle’ feeder is also ideal in these situations – making the cat work a little to get its food.

◆ If you have more than one cat, it important to feed them separately and to watch over them when they eat. If just one of the cats is obese, try feeding the others on a high surface that the obese cat cannot jump on to, or perhaps feed them in a box with only a small entry hole that an obese cat cannot squeeze through!

◆ It can be wise to inform your neighbours that your cat is going on a weight loss programme, and not to feed it.

◆ For a weight loss programme to be successful, everyone involved in caring for the cat, and who may feed the cat, needs to be ‘on side’