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5 Most popular dog topics in 2016

As we gear up for another busy and exciting year ahead, we take a ‘paws’ to look back and compile a list of the 5 most popular dog topics in 2016.

Here are our 5 most popular dog topics in 2016 

  1. Separation anxiety in dogs podcast with Dr Kersti Seksel

Renowned veterinary behaviour expert Dr Kersti explains in our seven-minute podcast the difference between separation anxiety and separation distress, causes, tips for owners of new puppies, and how she diagnoses and treats dogs that need help. More.

  1. Signals of dog aggression

Dr Gaille Perry explains the signals of dog aggression including what provokes this type of response and ways to manage ‘aggressive’ dogs. More

  1. 5 Common mistakes when getting a second dog

Even if you are an experienced pet parent, you should be aware of these common mistakes to avoid when getting a second dog. More

  1. Tips for dog park manners

Here are 8 tips on dog park manners.  Make sure your dog’s trip to the park is fun for you and your pooch.  More

  1. Dr Tara Cashman explains cat and dog dental disease podcast

Dr Tara talks about the causes of cat and dog dental disease, signs to look out for, what you can do at home and the gold standard of pet dental care. More

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