Dr Kersti Seksel explains separation anxiety in dogs podcast

Dr Kersti Seksel explains separation anxiety in dogs podcast. Photo: Andy Omvik/Unsplash

Our Pets4Life dogs’ podcast today is about separation anxiety in dogs, a problem which is more common than we think!

Dr Kersti Seksel is a renowned veterinary behaviour specialist at the Sydney Animal Behaviour Service in Sydney where she treats separation anxiety in dogs.  Kersti has presented at many conferences nationally and internationally, she regularly runs webinars, written a book called Training Your Cat, writes for Dog’s Life magazine, and she’s a consultant on the Veterinary Information Network. You may have listened to Kersti on ABC radio’s Tony Delroy’s Nightlife program or seen her on the TV show The Project.

Kersti covers the following in our seven-minute podcast:

  • The difference between separation anxiety and separation distress
  • Causes of separation anxiety in dogs
  • Tips for owners of new puppies on how to prevent separation anxiety
  • How she diagnoses and treats dogs that need help

 More about Dr Kersti Seksel

Kersti is fascinated by animals and why they do what they do. She is passionate about helping people understand animals better so she can improve the lives of people and their pets. Kersti has dedicated her life to understanding what makes our pets “tick” and learning about what to do when they do not.

Kersti is the principal of a specialist practice in behavioural medicine in Sydney Australia. She pioneered Puppy Preschool® and Kitten Kindy® classes to help owners and their pets understand each other better so that they can live together in harmony. She teaches the distance education course in Behavioural Medicine for the Centre for Veterinary Education (University of Sydney) and is an adjunct senior lecturer at Charles Sturt University. She has presented at and been the keynote speaker at numerous conferences nationally and internationally including USA, UK, many countries in Europe, South Africa, China, Japan, and Thailand. She regularly runs webinars, has written many textbook chapters, written a book, Training Your Cat, writes for Dog’s Life magazine, and is a consultant on VIN (Veterinary Information Network).

Listen now to Dr Kersti Seksel explain separation anxiety in dogs

Dr Kersti Seksel explains separation anxiety in dogs
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