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When to desex your cat

Part of being a responsible pet owner is having your animals desexed. While cats can (and do) breed all year round, conditions are better for breeding when it’s warm.  This means many unwanted kittens will arrive at shelters and pounds across Australia between September and next April.

So, when to desex your cat? Kitten desexing is a surgical procedure that can be done from an early age (four months) and is a quick operation to perform.  By having your cat desexed, you’ll help to relieve the pressure on shelters and pounds everywhere.  The RSPCA alone receives more than 125,000 animals every year.  Many of these unwanted animals come to us because of unplanned breeding.

When to desex your cat, what you need to know

Did you know that desexed animals:

Talk to your vet today about when to desex your cat!

This article was first seen in RSPCA NSW’s Animania publication Issue 32 page 16.