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Victorian Government lifts ban on Pit Bull registration

Victorian Government lifts ban on Pit Bull registration

Victorian Government lifts ban on Pit Bull registrations

American Pit Bull Terrier. Photo: By Dustix at fr.wikipedia

The Labor Victorian Government lifts ban on Pit Bull registration and other restricted dog breed as part of its response to the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into breed-specific legislation.

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) welcomes the announcement made by the Victorian Government on 15th September 2016, which will allow restricted dog breeds to be registered in Victoria.

President of the AVA’s Victorian Division, Dr Paul Martin, said that the AVA had been lobbying the government against restricted breed legislation since it was introduced in 2011.

“We strongly oppose regulation of dogs based on breed alone because it simply doesn’t help in reducing the incidence of dog bites.

“Dogs of all breeds and all sizes have the potential to be dangerous in certain circumstances. Genetics, socialisation, training and health conditions as well as human behaviour, are all contributing factors when it comes to dogs showing aggressive behaviour.

“As a society we value the positive role that dogs play in our lives but there’s a persistent gap between the community’s desire to live alongside dogs and its knowledge of how to properly interact with them.

“We believe further education for owners and breeders, dog bite reporting mechanisms, enforcement of current regulations, increased registration of dogs and temperament testing are pathways to a safer community. These are much better alternatives to breed specific legislation.

“We’re pleased that the government will be considering all these important factors and we look forward to them introducing the new legislation next year that looks at behaviour rather than breed,” Dr Martin said.

Victorian Government lifts ban on Pit Bull registration – key points: