Preventative health care for senior dogs is important to prevent disease and/or diagnose it early in its course.  Good communication between the owner, dog, and veterinarian can keep the dog healthy and make his senior years be wonderful years.

Preventative health care for senior dogs

Rosie. Photo: Annabelle O’Keefe

Many veterinarians have special preventative programs to monitor senior dogs health needs in their later years of life.

Cold weather may worsen some medical conditions such as arthritis.

Have a check-up in winter to make sure your senior dog is ready and as healthy as possible for cold weather.

Some older dogs may need major veterinary procedures to give them a better quality of life in their later years.

More tips to keep your senior dog healthy and happy.

Sources was developed by Drs. Foster & Smith.  The information provided by is not intended to be used to provide a diagnosis or treatment plan for individual pets. Please consult with your veterinarian for regular exams and in situations where your pet may be exhibiting signs of illness.