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Jake Munday, owner of Dog Lovers with over 4 million Likes!

Jake Munday is a 24-year-old business sales executive, entrepreneur and dog lover.  As the owner of the hugely popular Dog Lovers facebook page, Jake has turned his passion for dogs into a thriving business. With well over 4 million followers and growing, Dog Lovers entertains its global audience with cute pics and videos of dogs.

His 7-year-old dog, Dee Jay, is the CEO of Dog Lovers and Jake is just the assistant.  Let’s find out who really is the boss…

Who’s the Boss? Have pets always been part of the Munday family?

Jake Munday and his dog

Jake Munday and his dog

Jake: I was brought up with dogs from a young age. When I was under the age of 7 we had a little Jack Russell Terrier named Jedda, ended up dying of old age, sad times…My parents buried him in the backyard and told me that he went to heaven.  I dug up the grave a few days later to only get upset because he was still there and not in heaven, but mum explained it was his soul that was in heaven.

When I was 11 years old my parents bought me my very own dog, named Chas.  He was a Border Collie cross with black Labrador, he had sooo much energy!  I was around 17 when my family got our current dog, Dee Jay, a long hair Chihuahua Australian Silky cross.

Who’s the Boss? We all know that every doggie has a unique personality.  Tell us about Dee Jay.

Jake:  Every time I walk in the door the first person to greet me is Dee Jay, he misses me since I moved out of home.  He loves sitting on the couch with me, he trusts me, so if I’m friendly to people then he will too, or he will bark at them until I greet them and then he will relax.

When I say goodbye to Dee Jay to go home he will jump on to the window sill and poke his head through the curtains until I drive off.

Who’s the Boss? Dee Jay loves travelling in your car.  Where do you and Dee Jay usually drive together?

Jake: Dee Jay loves the beach and the water! We often drive to the beach.  Sometimes Dee Jay will spend the night with me at my own place. 

Who’s the Boss? Who is the top dog at Dog Lovers Facebook page?

Jake: Dee Jay inspires me to find new pictures on the internet with the silly and funny things he does when I’m not quick enough to take the photos myself.  He watches dog videos with me and helps me pick the good ones. At the end of the day, Dee Jay always wins. He is the boss, if he isn’t happy then neither am I.

Who’s the Boss? What are your tips for dog lovers to have a happy lifelong bond with their doggie?

Jake: Spend time with your loved one, go for walks, teach them early what you want them to know into their old age. It’s amazing when you love your dog like you love your family, they end up becoming just like you and act just like you…spoil them!