Dr Joanne Righetti bio

Dr Joanne Righetti bio

Dr Joanne Righetti and her dog Chilli

Animal behaviourist Dr Jo helps pet owners understand their pet’s behaviour and solve behaviour problems.

Dr Joanne Righetti is an animal behaviourist whose background is in zoology, with a PhD in animal behaviour and a counselling diploma – qualifications which enable her to work with all sorts of animals – including the human variety!

Joanne consults to pet owners, government, commercial pet companies and is a regular radio guest around Australia. She is proud to be an Ambassador of Animal Welfare League NSW and Assistance Dogs Australia and is also an honorary associate of the School of Veterinary Sciences, University of Sydney and an adjunct lecturer at the University of New England. Joanne also attracts significant following on digital and social media including her website, blog, twitter and facebook.

Joanne’s latest venture is a series of pet behaviour booklets tacking common issues such as barking, anxiety and aggression. More information at www.petproblemsolved.com.au

Joanne lives in Sydney with a dog and 3 cats (as well as 3 sons and a husband!)