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Adopt two small senior dogs in Queensland

You can adopt two small senior dogs in Queensland from Best Friends Rescue.  This is Maddie and Max, a pair of bonded senior doggies.

Maddie is a female Maltese Mix Dog and Max is a male Jack Russell Terrier mix.  They’ve been together their whole lives and have a wonderful bond (they’ll often have a daily play with each other).

These two cuties/sweeties would love a home with someone who is home most of the time as they can whine when left home alone and may bark.

They love a daily walk or two to sniff out the neighbourhood and bark at a few dogs, the usual fun dog stuff. (Max says he wouldn’t object to treats during the walk, neither would Maddie).

Maddie is a sweetheart who loves her toys, she has a little independent streak but still loves to be with her person.
Max is a real softie who mostly just wants to be with his person getting cuddles and pats, and of course, receiving treats.

They can be a little unsure sometimes in a new environment or about some noises, so may bark at times. They just need a lot of love (and patience).

If you would like to adopt two small senior dogs in Queensland and meet Maddie & Max, go straight to the website and apply online via www.bestfriendsrescue.com.

More details about Maddie and Max at PetRescue.