Before you get a dog - 8 essential tips to get it right‘The Pets4Life EGuide, Before You Get A Dog, is a great practical guide to help prospective pet owners choose their dog. This guide is a useful mixture of practical tips and real-life examples. Having people think about their actions, their lifestyle and their ability to care for a pet is a must and this guide will help people make that all important choice of their future, furry, family member. I am happy to recommend this guide to future dog owners.’ Animal behaviourist Dr Jo Righetti, Pet Problems Solved

‘Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I think your Ads (eGuide: Before you get a dog, 8 essential tips to get it right) on gumtree are great. Thank you for trying to educate the masses, it is heartbreaking to see so many dogs being traded on gumtree especially as so many people have the dog up as they, ‘no longer have time for it’. Even if your ads only penetrate one person’s skull you’ve done an awesome thing. Keep up the good work :)’ Grace, New South Wales

‘Hi, great (Facebook) page…..well done for all that you do for pets.’ Holly’s Rescue for Senior Dogs

‘I love Pets4Life……I have learned a lot from following you on FB. Thank you!’ Cory Soques, New South Wales

In this podcast, Meshlin Kouri’s chats with VetTalk TV about how Pets4Life helped her busy family manage their two Golden Retrievers. Meshlin Kouri, New South Wales

‘It’s (Pets4Life website) really informative and I wish I had come across it before we made our hasty decision to get a puppy.’ Elizabeth, Sydney