10 tips to keep your cat happy and contented

10 tips to keep your cat happy and contented. Alexander Possingham/Unsplash

One of Pets4Life’s key contributors, renowned Animal behaviourist, Dr Joanne Righetti, Pet Problem Solved has 10 tips to keep your cat happy and contented.

1. Play with your cat. Toys can be purchased or made at home. Rotate toys around to keep your cat interested

2. Give your cat a view. Windowsills are great and so are bookcases, shelves and benchtops

3. Scratching posts. Provide suitable scratching posts. Place these in locations that your cat likes to scratch.

4. Litter. Keep litter trays clean. Have more than one in a multi-cat household or large house. More about litter tray problems.

5. Spots to snooze. Lots of snoozing spots are appreciated eg shelves of differing levels a cardboard box

6. Another cat. Try another cat for company. This will not solve behavioural problems but is good for cat-friendly cats

7. Play hunting games. Let your cat hunt by playing games or finding food.

8. Be kind. Never punish your cat, praise it for good behaviour. Cats can be trained too with a little patience.

9. Cat grass. Give your indoor cat fresh grass to chew on. Cats love cat grasses and some also adore catnip.

10. Interaction & cuddles. Interact with your cat, even train it. Pat your cat and show you care.

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