Who’s The Boss?

We uncover who really is the boss between pet parent and their pet in these light hearted interviews.  Past Who’s the Boss? pet parents include Bondi Vet Dr Lisa Chimes, Bondi Rescue Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, a Victorian Truffle Farmer, Comedian Josh Thomas, literary expert Susannah Fullerton, animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti and many others.

Farmer Dave works with his dog, Matilda but who really is the boss?

Farmer Dave and Matilda

Farmer Dave and Matilda

Farmer Dave Graham grew up on a Queensland cattle station with dozens of working dogs by his side.  Life has come full circle for Farmer Dave…from rural Australia to an international modelling career, to the Big Brother house, Dancing with the Stars and now Farmer Dave and his TV star dog, Matilda run the Australian Canine Sports & Training Centre (ACS&TC).

Who’s the Boss? finds out what Farmer Dave has learned from the dogs in his life, Matilda’s top 5 tips for city dogs;  and who really is the boss at the ACS&TC. Continue Reading →

Bondi Rescue Andrew Reid and his dog, Muggsy

Bondi Rescue Andrew Reid and his dog, Muggsy

Bondi Rescue Andrew Reid and Muggsy

Andrew Reid and Muggsy. Photo: Ruthlessphotos

Born (1979) and bred in Bondi, home of Australia’s most famous stretch of sand, Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid is a lifeguard and TV personality, most well known for appearing on Channel 10’s Logie award winning reality show, Bondi Rescue.

Reidy tells Who’s the Boss? how his dog, Muggsy picked him when he was looking for a doggie companion at Renbury animal shelter.  Who’s the Boss? finds out what a difference Muggsy has made to Reidy’s life; and how they worked as a team to win the ‘Every man and his dog’ stand up paddle board event.  Muggsy is never left out of the action, he has even made a few appearances on Bondi Rescue! Continue Reading →

Dr Lisa Chimes and her two dogs!

Dr Lisa Chimes has two dogs, find out Who’s the boss?


Dr Lisa Chimes with Nelson and Lucas

Dr Lisa Chimes with Nelson and Lucas

Dr Lisa Chimes is very busy!  Her role on the popular TV program Bondi Vet sees Dr Lisa saving lives at Sydney’s Small Animal Specialist Hospital (SASH), where she works day in and day out, even when the cameras stop rolling.  Dr Lisa Chimes has a young family and two doggies, Nelson and Lucas.  Who’s the Boss? finds out how Nelson and Lucas manage to get lots of attention; and who really stole the show on Dr Lisa’s wedding day.    Continue Reading →

Meet Jake Munday, owner of Dog Lovers with almost 4 million Likes!

Jack-Munday-and-DJ-article-SMHJake Munday is a 24 year old business sales executive, entrepreneur and dog lover.  As the owner of the hugely popular Dog Lovers facebook page, he has turned his passion for dogs into a thriving business. With almost 4 million followers and growing, Dog Lovers entertains its global audience with cute pics and videos of dogs.  Jake says that is 7 year old dog, Dee Jay, is the CEO of Dog Lovers and he is just the assistant.  Lets find out who really is the boss… Continue Reading →

Missy’s Place owner tells how her doggie, Panda, won over many hearts

Kylie and her dog Panda

Introducing Kylie Kindred and her doggie, Panda.  Kylie is the owner and manager of Missy’s Place, a beauty day spa in Willoughby where Panda regularly meets and greets the clients.

It was not easy at first when Kylie wanted to have a dog in her apartment.  Kylie tells Who’s the Boss? how Panda won over her neighbours and changed her life. Continue Reading →

Dr Joanne Righetti and her pets

Dr Joanne Righetti and her pets, find out who’s the boss?

Dr Joanne Righetti and her pets

Dr Joanne Righetti with her cat, Leo

Our inaugural Who’s the Boss? is about animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti and her pets.  Dr Jo knows all about pets.  She helps pet owners to better understand their pet’s behaviour and solve problems with their cat or dog.

Dr Joanne Righetti and her pets share a home with her husband and three sons. Dr Jo reveals how her pets get their own way in their busy household, and her top three tips for a happy life with pets.  Find out who’s really the boss! Continue Reading →

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