Who’s The Boss?

We uncover who really is the boss between pet parent and their pet in these light hearted interviews.  Past Who’s the Boss? pet parents include Bondi Vet Dr Lisa Chimes, Bondi Rescue Andrew ‘Reidy’ Reid, a Victorian Truffle Farmer, Comedian Josh Thomas, literary expert Susannah Fullerton, animal behaviourist Dr Joanne Righetti and many others.

Literary expert and author Susannah Fullerton has two Maine Coon cats, find out who’s the boss?

Maine Coon cats

Susannah Fullerton and Topaz

Susannah Fullerton is Australia’s best known speaker on famous authors and their works. Susannah is President of the Jane Austen Society of Australia, the largest literary society in the country and Patron of the Kipling Society of Australia. Susannah is an enthralling story teller. She brings to life the lives and writings of great novelists and poets in her fascinating lectures. She is also Australia’s most popular leader of literary tours to UK, Italy, Ireland, USA and Europe.

In this edition of Who’s the Boss? Susannah says there are many fabulous stories connected with famous authors and their love of animals. She shares her favourite story about Mark Twain and his relationship with felines. Susannah and her husband live in Sydney with two beautiful Maine Coon cats called Pearl and Topaz. Susannah reveals the secret lives of her Maine Coon cats Pearl and Topaz, and who really is the boss in her household. Continue Reading →

Dog trainer, Lou Newman has 3 dogs, find out who’s the boss?

Lou Newman with her 3 dogs

Lou with her 3 dogs. Photo supplied

Delta accredited dog trainer Lou Newman cannot remember a time when she did not have a dog.  Now she has 3 dogs, Hobbs, Rosie and Harry.  All 3 dogs have participated in pet education programs for schools. Although this makes them sounds angelic they still get up to plenty of mischief!  The dogs comply with house rules but Lou reveals who really is the boss in her household and why training your dog is important. Continue Reading →

Kristina Vesk and her cat Lucy – who’s the boss?

Lucy in her catmax

Lucy in her catmax

Kristina Vesk is the Chief Executive Officer of Cat Protection Society NSW.  She has lived with cats all her life.  When she was 10, Kristina took home a starving stray kitten called Tina.  She was living proof that former street cats can make the most wonderful, loyal and loving pets.  Kristina now has Lucy, adopted from Cat Protection of course.

Kristina says pets are a vital part of our social fabric.  She shares her tips for choosing a cat or two to be your life-long furry friend.

Continue Reading →

Richard Lord is Top Dog at Assistance Dogs Australia but who’s the boss?

Richard Lord Assistance Dogs Australia

Richard Lord

Richard Lord is Top Dog of Assistance Dogs Australia, a non-profit organisation that trains Labradors and Golden retrievers to help enhance the quality of life and improve the level of independence for people with disabilities.

Richard lives with his partner and his two Ambassador dogs, Gidget and Taylor. Richard is Top Dog at Assistance Dogs Australia but who’s the boss?    Continue Reading →

Pandora opens her box of treats at Doggywood

Pandora and Paris (photo: Jenny Bridge)

Pandora and Paris at Doggywood (photo: Jenny Bridge)

Pandora Box is well known for her diva performances on and off the camera. She has hosted dog shows for almost 10 years including Doggywood at this year’s Mardi Gras event in Sydney.

With a few doggie treats, Pandora knows how to keep those overly excited dog owners and their pampered pooches under control as they compete for ‘Best in Show’. Pandora and her partner have 2 dogs Bugsy and Ajay, and a 15 year old cat Belana.  Find out who’s the boss… Continue Reading →

Dogs and postie bikes don’t mix!

Mark with dogs croppedIt’s almost Christmas and Mark Hayes the postie is busy! He says the Christmas mail is not what it used to be but the parcels from the last minute online shopping keeps him fit. Mark knows about cats and dogs, he’s had a few funny encounters during his three years as a postie. Mark lives with his wife Merilyn, their three daughters, two dogs and a cat. Mark thinks he’s the boss… Continue Reading →

Truffle hunting with dogs Bear and Lani

Stuart Dunbar does truffle hunting with dogs, Bear and Lani are constantly by his side.  Find out who’s the boss?

Truffle hunting with dogs, Yarra Valley orchard

Stuart Dunbar with Bear and Lani

Stuart Dunbar is the owner and manager of Yarra Valley Truffles, a Truffle orchard with a reputation for high quality truffles in Victoria, Australia. Stuart’s work involves daily truffle hunting with dogs, Bear and Lani. Bear has been by his side from the start. They planted the trees together in 2006 when Bear was just a pup. Recently they demonstrated truffle hunting at the inaugural Melbourne Truffle festival in August. During the festival, Bear became a celebrity when Stuart talked about his truffle hunting skills on ABC radio.

Bear now has an assistant, a dog called Lani, although currently she’d rather hunt rabbits all day than truffles. Stuart says he is the boss… but when it comes to the end of a big day of truffle hunting with dogs, Bear and Lani, they have other ideas! Continue Reading →

Harley and me

Loretta and Harley October 2014This month, Who’s the Boss? chats with veterinarian Dr Loretta Woodgate about her 17 year relationship with her cat, Harley.  Loretta tells Who’s the Boss? how her passion for cats started; and her tips to keep your feline friend happy. Loretta is a volunteer vet for charity, Pets in the Park, where vets, vet nurses and others give up their Sunday once a month to treat homeless people’s pets  for free.  Continue Reading →

Comedian Josh Thomas and his dog, John

Photo via www.abc.net.au

Photo via www.abc.net.au

Comedian Josh Thomas chats with Who’s the boss? about his trusty companion, John the Cavoodle.

Josh and John are like an old married couple, they even have the same hair style. What does John really think about Josh’s singing?  Plus we find out who’s the better actor in Josh’s current TV series Please Like Me, on ABC2 about cavoodles, custard tarts, boyfriends and girlfriends. Continue Reading →

Di Ridge tells Who’s the Boss? about running a sheep station with 3 dogs

Di with Buddy and Poppy

Di with Buddy and Poppy

Poppy, Buddy and Toby are more than companion animals for Di Ridge, they are the ‘A’ Team to Di and her husband, Phillip Ridge who run “Jandra”, a 100,000 acre sheep station near Bourke in NSW. Everyone has their job to do, but who really is the boss? Continue Reading →

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