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Nigel Allsopp and his canine team mate Venus

Nigel Allsopp, police dog handler and his black Labrador, Venus, are inseparable. Find out who’s the boss?

Nigel Allsopp and his police canine colleague, Venus

Nigel and Venus. Photo: Nigel Allsop

Our first Who’s the boss? guest for 2016 is Nigel Allsopp, war historian, specialist dog handler, wildlife expert, published author and TV celebrity. Nigel is the President and Director of the Australian War Animal Memorials (AWAMO), a non-profit organisation that honours the animals of war. Nigel started his career as a Military Working Dog Handler in the Royal New Zealand Air Force in 1980 and later became a specialist narcotic detection dog handler and an explosive detection handler. Nigel conducted several operational tours of duty which are still classified.   Continue Reading →

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