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Cat Vet Dr Kim and her 8 cats, who’s the boss?

Cat Vet Dr Kim Kendall and her 8 cats run a cat cafe, find out who’s the boss?

Cat Vet Dr Kim at her multi-cat cafe

Dr Kim and Sasha at the Chatswood Cat Palace Purrfection cafe

Move over dog lovers, it is all about the feline species for Dr Kim Kendall, also known as ‘Cat Vet’.  Dr Kim graduated as a veterinary scientist from Sydney University last century. She travelled the world for many years until a passion for cat medicine took hold. After further studies, Kim established her first cat clinic on Sydney’s North Shore in 1994.  Dr Kim is a world expert in feline friendly care, one of only two cat-only vets in Sydney and the only cat vet in Australia qualified in cat behaviour.

Dr Kim opened the Chatswood Cat Palace vet clinic and the Purrfection Cat Café over a year ago.  The café’s residents are Ralph, Sasha, Patch, Boyo, Fifi, Ben, Smoky, Snowy and Madge.  We reveal who’s the boss and Dr Kim shares her top tips on how to keep cats happy in a multi-cat household. Continue Reading →

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