Dog Fact Sheets

Dog fact sheets

We are currently developing a range of dog Fact Sheets on various topics covering each stage of a dog’s life from before you get a dog to end of life.

List of dog Fact Sheets we have available for you to easily download and print.

dog fact sheetsFact Sheet One: Questions to ask a re-homing organisation

Good re-homing organisations can advise on exactly what the dog needs and if you are the right person.

In this Fact Sheet you’ll find the questions you need to ask a re-homing organisation before you fall for the dog with the sad eyes at the animal shelter.

dog Fact sheets: 10 questions to ask a dog breederFact Sheet Two: 10 Questions to ask a dog breeder

Good breeders will give you a happy and healthy puppy with no behavioural issues.

This fact sheet will provide you with the 10 questions to ask the breeder before you say ‘yes’ to a cute puppy.




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