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Cats in Japanese idioms

Cats in Japanese idioms

Cats in Japanese idioms. Aomori Nebuta Matsuri Festival. Photo: Akkharat Jarusilawong/Shutterstock

All languages have idioms, but Japan seems to really get into cats.  Here are a few examples of cats in Japanese idioms.   Continue Reading →

The human-cat relationship, 30 years of research

Human-cat relationship

Photo: Veronika Homchis/

Why are some cats friendly and more curious towards humans while others run away? As reported in the RSPCA Science Update 58 October 2017, this article is a review of the human-cat relationship over the last 30 years of research including findings on the cat to cat and cat to human communication, cat personalities and cat to owner personalities. Continue Reading →

Springtime allergies in dogs

Springtime allergies in dogs

Springtime allergies in dogs. Dogs can suffer like humans. Photo: Christian Mueller/Shutterstock

Springtime allergies can affect dogs too!

The Delta Society Australia shares their top tips to help dog owners minimise springtime allergies in dogs.  Just like humans, dogs can be affected by seasonal allergies like hayfever and can experience similar symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, itching and an irritated rash. Continue Reading →

Aversive dog training relate to behaviour problems

Aversive dog training related to behaviour problems in dogs

Aversive dog training related to higher incidence of aggression and fear in dogs. Photo: Yolya Ilyasova/Shutterstock

Aversive dog training is related to higher incidences of behaviour problems, aggression and fear in dogs according to Researcher, Ziv G (2017)’s article ‘The effects of using aversive training methods in dogs – A review’ in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior. Continue Reading →

Bushfire safety for pets

Bushfire safety for pets

Bushfire safety for pets tips. Photo: Swifts Creek, Victoria. Credit: Wikipedia Commons Fir0002/Flagstaffotos

Are you and your pets ready for the bushfire season? With 80% of New South Wales covered by grasslands, the warmer months ahead will bring an increased risk of fires and threaten the lives of humans and their animals.  Forethought on bushfire safety for pets may mean the difference between survival or losing your pet. Continue Reading →

Mental illness in pets

Mental illness in pets

Mental illness in pets. Photo by Matty Sievers on Unsplash

During this Mental Health Week, the peak body for veterinarians, the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) is reminding pet owners to keep a watchful eye on the mental health of not just people, but also their pets.  Like humans, mental illness in pets can develop and it’s important to diagnose them and commence treatment as early as possible. Continue Reading →

3 common myths in dog training

3 Common myths in dog training

3 Common myths in dog training. Photo: Christian Mueller/shutterstock

A good canine citizen is a well-mannered dog. And a well-manned dog can be taken anywhere and loved by all. Puppy school and further dog training will help your dog to become a good canine citizen in your community.

Beware! There’s a lot of outdated and incorrect advice on the Internet about dog training, which may do more harm than good to your dog.  How you train your dog has a profound effect on how the dog learns, their attitude to training and their relationship with you.  Cathy Beer uncovers 3 common myths in dog training. Continue Reading →

Pet Flair launches new swimwear range

Pet Flair launches swimwear range

Our friends at Pound Paws are excited to announce their collaboration with Pet Flair, a new pet swimwear which celebrates the companionship we owners have with our pets, whilst raising awareness about pet adoption.

Continue Reading →

Truths about cat and dog nutrition by Dr Mina Magelakis

 Dr Mina Magelakis explains cat and dog nutrition

Dr Mina Magelakis holding Tiggy. Photo: Royal Canin

How to feed our pets properly is critical to their well-being. There is some confusion regarding cat and dog nutrition and how to ensure the pet food we buy will meet their needs.

Royal Canin‘s Dr Mina Magelakis uncovers the truth behind some common myths surrounding cat and dog nutrition.  Dr Mina addresses cat and dog nutritional needs for general health and wellbeing, meat vs vegetarian, grain-free diets, food allergies, and what you need to know about feeding pets raw food. Continue Reading →

Actor Liam Hemsworth ‘Doggy Dad of the Year’

Liam Hemsworth 'Doggy Dad of the Year' 2017

Liam Hemsworth and his first rescue pup, Tani

Ahead of Father’s Day on 3rd September 2017, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia named Actor Liam Hemsworth “Doggy Dad of the Year”. Continue Reading →

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