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Truths about cat and dog nutrition by Dr Mina Magelakis

 Dr Mina Magelakis explains cat and dog nutrition

Dr Mina Magelakis holding Tiggy. Photo: Royal Canin

How to feed our pets properly is critical to their well-being. There is some confusion regarding cat and dog nutrition and how to ensure the pet food we buy will meet their needs.

Royal Canin‘s Dr Mina Magelakis uncovers the truth behind some common myths surrounding cat and dog nutrition.  Dr Mina addresses cat and dog nutritional needs for general health and wellbeing, meat vs vegetarian, grain-free diets, food allergies, and what you need to know about feeding pets raw food. Continue Reading →

Actor Liam Hemsworth ‘Doggy Dad of the Year’

Liam Hemsworth 'Doggy Dad of the Year' 2017

Liam Hemsworth and his first rescue pup, Tani

Ahead of Father’s Day on 3rd September 2017, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Australia named Actor Liam Hemsworth “Doggy Dad of the Year”. Continue Reading →

Dr Chris Brown’s guide for a safe, dog-friendly backyard

Vet Chris Brown's guide for a safe, dog-friendly backyard

Dr Chris Brown at the Dog Lovers Show 2017, Sydney. Photo: found on Dog Lovers Show website

During the Dog Lovers Show 2017 in Sydney, Dr Chris Brown gave an informative and entertaining talk on the KONG stage about how to make a safe, dog-friendly backyard. Continue Reading →

Over 35% of Aussie cats’ health at risk

Aussie cats' health at risk

Time for a vet check-up for your cat!

Over 35% of Aussie cats’ health may be at risk according to research.  The Village Vets get behind a new campaign urging owners to take action. Feline health risks not always plain to see.

Continue Reading →

Dog breeder registration laws in Queensland

Dog breeder registration laws in Queensland

Photo: Justin Veenema/

New dog breeder registration laws in Queensland were introduced to give prospective dog owners peace of mind when buying a puppy.  The new dog breeder registration laws in Queensland has received a very positive response with more than 6500 breeders across the state have now signed up. Continue Reading →

Game of Thrones star asks fans stop buying Huskies

Games of Thrones Star asks fans to stop buying Huskies

Peter Dinklage Photo: found on PETA website

Fans across the country can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, but the show has sparked an alarming trend—an increased demand for buying Huskies because of their physical similarities to direwolves. Continue Reading →

KONG toys for dogs explained by Rodney Gooch

Kong toys for dogs

Doza in the crate with a KONG ball. Quest in the playpen with a puppy KONG and a Wobbler. Photo: Rodney Gooch

KONG has been around since a German Shepherd called Fritz and his owner, Joe Markham invented an odd looking toy designed to distract the dog from chewing rocks 41 years ago.  Markham refined the toy’s design, developed a super strong rubber formula and began production in 1976.  The rest we say is history! Today KONG toys are enthusiastically used and recommended by veterinarians, trainers, dog professionals and satisfied dog and cat owners worldwide. Rodney Gooch, KONG Advisor Team Coordinator in Australia explains the different types of KONG toys for dogs, shares a story about Axel the barking Ridgeback and his top tips to keep your dog healthy and happy. Continue Reading →

Keep your indoor cat entertained with KONG toys

Keep your indoor cat entertained with KONG toys

Cat playing with the KONG Kickeroo. Photo: supplied by Rodney Gooch

Rodney Gooch, KONG Advisor Team Coordinator chats with Pets4Life about how to keep your indoor cat entertained with KONG toys.  Cats who are solely indoors will require plenty of stimulation and interaction to help alleviate boredom and allow them to express their natural instincts. Playing with your cat is a great way to cultivate a bond between cat and their owner.  Rodney shares his tips about entertaining your indoor cat safely. Continue Reading →

RSPCA NSW Safe Beds for Pets Q & A

RSPCA NSW Safe Beds for Pets

Safe Beds for Pets caseworker Kaitlin with Sadie and Oscar the office cat

It is common practice for the perpetrator of domestic violence to lure family members back home, or prevent them from leaving, by threatening to harm the pet. Sometimes it is also the lack of pet-friendly accommodation options that stop people from leaving a dangerous situation.  With the RSPCA NSW Safe Beds for Pets Program, families can now leave domestic violence situations and not fear for the safety of their pets. Continue Reading →

Celebrate National Dog Day 2017

12 ways to celebrate national dog day 2017

Photo: Alvin Balemesa1/

12 ways to celebrate National Dog Day 2017

National Dog Day 2017 celebrates all breeds, pure and mixed, and recognises the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year from public shelters, rescues and pure breed rescues. This special day also honours family dogs and service dogs that work selflessly to save lives, keep us safe and bring comfort. Continue Reading →

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