Ancient dog

While archealogical evidence suggests that human relationships with dogs began more than 14,000 years ago, the true origins of today’s domestic dogs remains something of a mystery. We do know they’re descended from grey wolves, but with ancient dog remains found all over the world, where and when they were first domesticated has been hard to determine. (Source: Australian Geographic 17 December 2012)

The domestic dog



Research by Professor Stanley Coren, a psychologist at the University of British Columbia, Canada, ranked dog breeds on the basis of intelligence using data from hundreds of professional dog-obedience judges.  According to Stanley, the most intelligent of all is the border collie.

In 2008, a border collie called Betsy was featured on the cover of National Geographic magazine. Betsy’s knew over 340 words and was able to connect an object with a photographic image of the object, despite having seen neither before!

There are  around 3.4 million dogs in Australia, with the majority kept as pets.  Find out Australia’s top 10 most popular dogs.



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